Pay it forward

Karen McGrane:

Not everything in our professional lives is a transaction, scrutinized and evaluated against how much it costs us, how much someone should pay. Not every teaching relationship must be formalized—a mentoring opportunity, a coach, an internship. Not every investment of time has to be “worth it.” Sometimes you just have a brief conversation with someone because—why not? You never know what will come of it.

A thousand times, yes.

In 2011, when I was on the cusp of quitting my job to take my website full time, there were a few smart folks who I new from the internet that were willing to take time out of their day to give me some advice and answer my questions and calm my fears. Even now, 3 years later, I often re-visit the advice and perspective they gave me back in 2011.

And in the 3+ years since I began writing here full-time, I now often get requests from others for input and advice on things. I wish I could be more available than I am, and I know there are things I can do to get better at it. Such as scheduling an “open” work time each week (even if it’s just 30 minutes), and that time slot is reserved for giving back to others by answering emails, doing interviews, etc.


I want to thank everyone who showed up for the dissection opening. A special thanks to all my team and the people who helped and were involved on the projects i did since the beggining, a big huge OBRIGADO! @paulinetoutcourt @dbcavalinhos @leonorviegas @jucmau @alexsxsk8 @smartb87 @vascocasper @laerciocosta82 @emile @jr @jpmoreira @jonyvidinha @brankoofficial @hibashira1981 @migueljanuario @arrestedmotion_sal @vitor_belanciano @kalafangelo @socialanimals @heliobray @blaya_rodrigues @bicadosapato @luxfragil @c787studios @crackids @chureoner @davidchoe @guillaumecagniard @vera_cortes @coelho22 @flash_girl @carolinaosorio @cutfilm @este________ @underdogs10 @anadiasferreira @hownosm @lazarides @elconductor @nunofs75 @doubledevil @saner_edgar @danielsalin @d14n4sovs4 @reportingwalls @danielblaufuks @dexter_lx @djride @banksyny @eric_surmont @einesigns @worldsbestever @epricco @eltonogram @estevanoriol @escif @obeygiant @fredyklit @faileart @alexfakso @amandafairey @bicicletasemfreio @catiafernandes @angelamls @angelinosonoio @finok @futuradosmil @goncalomar1 @insa_gram @remed_art @guillaumelefrancois @mauhora @horimasa_san @luciamoniz @nuartfestival @thebonus @tiago_noia @miss_ana_sofia @magdagallery @mileu @madameacidic @maddecent @marc @marthacoopergram @migueloldkid @muralarts @museudeartedorio @negretti @anitateofilo @macacacigana @ritacneves @neiasousa @namalimba_n @nunca_art @doubledevil @olivierkostathefaine @chureoner @carolinaosorio @odeith @osgemeos @powwowhawaii @diogopotes @epricco @fred_pf @ipsilon_publico @msdove @pandadotranse @tapportugal @pant0ni0 @trucatriche @prune @pixelpancho @laraseixorodrigues @ram_lisbon @goncalomar1 @_cyrcle @drdre @vandalog @ronenglishart @stick2target @36thchamber @baronandre @bicicletasemfreio @mechelas @toykio @santurceesley @raqelsantos @sashagrey @sforshot @sirscrah @streetartnews @stevelazarides @tristan_manco @tristaneaton @therealswizzz @underdogs10 @xabu

Olha eu ali…

"In doing science you can’t employ any proposition whose epistemic provenance, for you,..."

“In doing science you can’t employ any proposition whose epistemic provenance, for you, includes a proposition you know or believe by faith. But is this really true? Why should we believe it? What is the status of the claim that if what you are doing is science, then you can’t employ, in your work, any proposition you believe or know by faith? Is it supposed to be true by definition? If so, whose definition? Is there a good argument for it? Or what?”

  • Alvin Plantinga, 

Warranted Christian Belief,  note 18, p. 388. This is one of the things I find interesting in Plantinga’s thought: the radical challenge to show how a scientific world-view could be properly defended in opposition to someone who claims to have a special faculty (sensus divinitatis) telling him all these (to us strange) things about the nature of our universe. How do you argue appropriately against someone who tells you there are such things as colours, it just so happens that you are blind? On the other hand, how do you argue against the conspiracy theorist?